Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Wrong Kind of Snow

Thunder and lightning this morning. Not very seasonal. Then I looked out the window to see a dusting of snow which didn't look at all promising. Ah but it was horrible when I went out in it. The hens were still huddled in their house. They didn't like it either. The pigs are going to have a duvet day. Far too cold and miserable to stand in a field. I don't normally complain about the weather but today is horrible. Soon as I finish this cup of coffee I am for having a hot bath and then I'm piling on the thermals.

It is the wrong sort of Christmas snow, just great, freezing lumps of gloopy rain.

This day can only get better and, if it does, I'll tell you about it.


Mage said...

I eagerly await the news. Here cold and sunny....which I will accept. :)

Brighid said...

Did it get better, medium and dry here in N Cali. We need rain for the feed to grow, and replenish the aqua-fir.

Nelly said...

It got better. Raining now so that got rid of the ice but we are now looking at a severe storm to come tomorrow. Haven't seen the sun for weeks. Brighid, wish I could send you some of our rain. Pigs will be staying in their dry shed today.