Thursday, February 27, 2014

It Will Be Alright!

On Tuesday

Miss Evie and Granny are going today
To Belfast on the train. 
The weather will be inclement
But we'll LAUGH in the face of rain.

Evie perusing the children's section in the War on Want bookshop on Botanic Avenue.

We were lucky. There was rain but not too much of it. And we were both dressed for it, Evie in her snow suit and me in Bert's North Face jacket. We spent most of our time in the Ulster Museum where Evie said she'd like to see "the pigs". And when we did see them, she said,

"Don't like the pigs."

We also went to see the museum's famous mummy. I asked her if she thought the mummy looked like Pearlie and after some consideration she said she thought not.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of our visit was the sausage rolls in the museum restaurant. Not one crumb was left by either of us.

Is it yummy? Yes!

The night before our expedition I found myself worrying about silly things. Would I be able to manage toddler and pushchair, would we get a seat on the train? Needless fears. The next morning I told myself that all would be well, if there were problems people would help. There were no problems and people helped. I need to make Bert's motto my own.

It will be alright! 

No more needless fretting.

For the next day was a tough one for Pearlie and Nellybert but I'll leave that story for another day. 


Brighid said...

You are incredibly lucky to have such a cute traveling companion. She will remember these times, and her awesome gran.

Nelly said...

And I will too! I'm just so lucky that my grandchildren live near me.