Wednesday, August 26, 2020



We took a daytrip to Islandmagee today, the first time I've been there in nearly ten years. We were Bert, my cousin Kathleen, myself and three dogs, Judy, the Jess and the Zigster. 

Islandmagee is about three decades behind the rest of County Antrim and I can assure you, that in my book, that is a very good thing. The verges are (mostly) unkempt, the hedges are (mostly) high because the good people who live there have nothing to prove to anyone.

We visited The Rinkha, wore masks, sported clean fingernails and enjoyed some Really Good ice cream. 

On our return we turned left at the top of Craigyhill, went home via Carnalbanagh, saw the other side of Slemish, and on the high ground a kestrel flew out all burnished by the evening sun, which made the hour, the day, all of August worthwhile. Onwards to Buckna, through Boyle Country, Broughshane and home.

We were only on the yard a moment and a red car pulled in. A friend, a good bit younger than me, to show us pictures of her grandson, born a week ago, in difficult circumstances but recovering well. And what will he call you? I enquired. 'Granny!', says she. I couldn't have been more pleased. Embrace the Granny. It's the way forward. 

The newest Granny in town.


Mage said...

Great Photos, and a beautiful Granny. :)

Nelly said...

Thanks Mage. I agree, she's a lovely Granny in every way.

Leanne said...

We visit islandmagee very often. Ava loved browns bay as it had plenty of shells and rocks x

Nelly said...

Poignant memories.

Dermot said...

Can't beat a granny!