Friday, May 31, 2013

Knees and Trees

It is four weeks today since Rusty gave me a knee injury. I thought I'd gotten away with it but it was not to be. I now have a 'hip', a 'knee' and a 'shin'. I know most people possess these body parts but mine are special. Especially sore. I am scoffing so many painkillers that my stomach is starting to ache. Sometimes if I hurt it a little bit more (which seems to happen very easily) I find myself limping or, as we say in Northern Ireland, harpling about. I have never felt so old.

In fact, the situation is so dire I am seriously considering going to the doctor. At least I'll be making a start on the road to bionic leg-parts.

Other pleasanter news is that we are getting a tree house. The foundations were laid yesterday. When houses are built in trees the true foundations are the trees themselves but there are other supports needed. The adults are very excited and I hope the children will be excited too. And I hope that my damn knee gets better for we haven't incorporated a chair lift into the plans.  


Grannymar said...

I feel your pain...s! One of these days we should compare aches and pills!

Nelly said...

That's why I need the doctor! The self-prescribed potions are losing their effectiveness. I don't rest it. Maybe I should?

Brig said...

Quit messing around and go to the doc already!
I need on going pictures of your tree house. What an exciting project. Love tree houses.

Nelly said...

I'm fixing an appointment on Monday. It's less sore today - found a new pain relief regime, voltoral and gin! Not sure I should be taking that so will discuss with doc. Tree housers here again today. They're talking about putting in a pot-bellied stove! There is one lying around. Picture of progress to follow,