Sunday, November 13, 2016

This Day Last Week

This day last week we returned from Sligo where we'd spent several days celebrating Leitrim Sister's graduation. Sorry - that should be Dr Leitrim Sister for clever Dede achieved a Ph.D. This day last week was a fine bright day and it was six days since I'd set foot in the poly tunnel. It was to be another seven before I poked my nose in there to find that lovely Bert has been keeping up with a bit of light watering and also, that I have another flush of bright red and fiery chillis.

This day last week the results of the U.S. elections were still in the future and it was a strong talking point in Sligo, Cullybackey and everywhere else. Most people felt that Hillary would prevail but I felt uneasy about it.

This day last week I was happy to be back in my messy house. It would be another seven days before I came close to catching up. Maybe this day next week.

Just some of the family in Sligo last Sunday. Dr Leitrim Sister is the one on the far right. 


Eleanor Ferguson said...

What a lovely photograph of you all! I saw a smaller siblings only version of this on your sister's blog and you have answered my curiosity about which one is Leitrim sister. Think I recognise Anne too and you. I love following stories about your family as I'm also from a big extended NI family.

Nelly said...
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Nelly said...

Thanks! I'm going to put one up soon of us all when our parents were alive.