Saturday, December 11, 2004

Where's My Tooth?

I am a part-time worker (since February) and I work shifts. A typical shift starts at three, ends at eleven, has an eight hour sleepover, then starts at half seven and finishes at half three. Mostly I work alone. Mostly I work weekends. The hostel is situated right on a very busy main road. The trick is, if working weekends, to get to sleep before the pubs get out. Last night I didn't manage to do this.

I tossed and I turned. My feet itched and my duvet felt as if it was full of bricks. Outside revellers screamed, shouted and fought. The clock inched nearer and nearer to getting up time. By 4.30am I was so scunnered I just got up.

The thing is I get agitated in the wee small hours. My itchy feet were the first symptom of a pernicious disease of the blood. It's true! I read it in Take A Break, after I read the article entitled 'Oh Look! Grandad has Chopped Granny Up In The Garden Shed' and before the one called 'My Evil Boyfriend Ate My Twin!'

Amazingly I got on rather well. Gave my organisation hours of free Nellyness. But there was one snag. I lost my tooth. Being so tired I couldn't even remember removing it. The obvious place would have been the bathroom but it wasn't there. I searched everywhere, and as Saturday morning is cleaning the staff quarters day, I was terribly afraid I'd hoovered it or otherwise disposed of it. Nasty piece of pink and whitish plastic that it is, it would still cost a hundred to replace, not to mention going about for days looking like Johnny Rotten. Not a good look for Nelly atall.

Thank you God & St Anthony and St Jude. I found it. In the bathroom bin. A close thing.

Now it is evening and me, my tooth, Bert and Zoe are going to the ol' homestead to visit Jean, Jonny and Matty and partake in an evening of music & song.


Anonymous said...

close one mary. teeth are such a pain in the ass - i think it would be best to have them all extracted and get falsies bolted in instead. hope you enjoy your night of music' lots of love to you all & see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Its sometimes a bit like that here too nelly - we live in edinburgh's student central, it get noisey! i agree with Mels take on tooth extraction - my grandad, for his 21st birthday, got all his teeth replaced with falsies. that'd be good, or maybe just the bottom row

Mikeyboy x

Nelly said...

Getting the teeth out was all the rage at the beginning of the NHS and most people over 21 had a gleaming set of false gnashers. My friend Swisser, who is an academic specialising in nutrition and health, says that it was a far healthier option. Gum disease and tooth decay are a factor in heart disease and ill health in general. Unfortunately the Irish have a strong genetic predisposition to gum disease. Oh Woe is Us. Another sorrow for Old Ireland. I might write a song about it sometime. It will, of course, be a lament.

Sherilla Lay said...

hey, get well soon!

Anonymous said...

greetings from JB and JS - thank God you found your tooth - great to see you at the w/e and will speak to you soon

Nelly said...

I enjoyed it too. Will post soon. Typically camera batteries ran out and only got pix of daughter. Proud mum I am.