Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Busy Like A Bee

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogs and mine has recently been like that. There was the MOT to prepare for, so many days passed in a flurry of carwashing, up, under and over. It was a major task dehairing it and as for replacing lights - I never even knew there was one at the rear number plate until last Friday. And still it failed. Oh well. Mr Ploppy Pants Carletoni said it will be a doddle to get it through next week. So much so he'll fix it up the day before.

Then there was work. I did two extra shifts due to staff illness so I've been a full-timer this week. Actually I enjoyed it because not only am I seriously back in my manager's good books but I will have extra dosh for Christmas and Ploppy Pant's exorbitant bill for the car.

Then there was the visit of the two Js from London Town and the musical evening they hosted at Matty's. Very enjoyable. My camera batteries ran out so I only managed to get pics of Zoe. Sorry Jonny, Ian and Bert.

Then I took Matty to the hospital on Monday for tests on her gullet. That went well too. She was a good soldier and did not boke on them. No frogs were found.

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