Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bert's Malaise

Bert has been sad all week. He had horrible dental treatment on Tuesday, which left him feeling pretty rotten. He is still not smoking but is at the stage where he believes his life holds less meaning because he is not sucking in nicotine. I tell him that this will pass and he will rejoice in his tobacco free existence. But when Bert is down he thinks he will never know happiness, joy or contentment again. Even now when birds are singing, early flowers are blooming, the days are lengthening and global warming is underway, he believes he will never feel the heat of the sun again.

Meanwhile I have had a good week. Kerry Sis has been staying with Matty this week and I have seen a good bit of her. We met for lunch on Monday, went to Belfast on Tuesday. On Thursday we went for a walk and yesterday we met up for pizza. Z&D and Bert were also there. This morning Z, Kerry Sis and I went to the Saturday market. I only bought fish and oranges. This afternoon I return to work which will be nice for Bert as it is a strain for a pessimist to have to hang out with an optimist. He will be able to play his whistle to his heart’s content and hang around the house in dirty boots. Later he will kick of his boots and cook fish. Perhaps Ian and Swisser will visit and they can sit around talking keek until way past their bedtimes.

If anyone has any practical suggestions on how to cheer Bert up feel free to advise. His likes include parties, days and nights out and general buldoys involving drink and silly talk.


Anonymous said...

Poor bert, sounds like he's having it tough at the minute. I think the happiest I've seen bert was when he was either bletherin with his pals, or stokin a good BBQ - maybe you could convince him the weathers improving with some outdoor cooking?


Anonymous said...

Did the fishies have an ugly enough face on them for Bert's liking? The thinking you are a lump of shite thing does pass - the hold that nicotine has is truly evil! ZB

Nelly said...

He looked at the fish all cold and expired, he identified with them, then felt sorry for them. So I said "They are dead now - you may as well eat them."