Monday, February 28, 2005

There's No Fool...

…. like an Old Fool. The less said about Saturday night the better. All I will say is that I thought I was old enough to know better. That and the title explains all. Now I’m saying no more on the matter.

Yesterday I took Matty and the First Sister to the Gourmet Farmer’s Market in Templepatrick. It was a first-time visit for all of us and we liked it, so thanks Z, for telling us about it. Matty bought a very pretty Sylvac vase for a tenner, which pleased her greatly. I bought squashes and fruit and very yummy savoury breads. The First Sister bought a lime- green pressed apple juice which looked like it could lead her to a severe dose of the skitter. (You can take potty-mouth to the gourmet market but you can’t make her talk nice.)

Today I am cleaning the house in preparation for the valuer’s visit this afternoon. I haven’t much time so have resorted to lots of sluttish shortcuts. For instance all the toilet lids down saves cleaning them and I’m only washing the bits of the floor that show. I do feel guilty about it and can feel the spectral presence of Aggie and Kim breathing down my neck.


Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't get in a state and sell your home for peanuts. Got a mate here who used get knicknamed Hebs, as he sold his playstation for an eighth!


Nelly said...

We didn't like the valuation. Considering putting it up for public auction or renting it!