Thursday, February 24, 2005

Clint Has Left The Room

The first person that I knew with Internet access at home was Bert’s oldest friend Clint. All we knew of the Internet in those days was that there was a vast amount of information and access to free porn. Oh yes … and chat rooms. So for a while Clint was the Internet expert. When he first used a search engine he typed the word ‘potato’ and was so excited by the results that he surfed the web for four hours steady. By the end of the week there wasn’t anyone else in Kells who knew more about spuds than Clint. So this night Bert went over to visit him and to view this new-fangled surfing the web. Clint showed him how to log on to the Internet and look at the huge amount of information on potatoes that was there for the asking. Bert marvelled at all this. Then he asked –

“D’jever luck at the porn Clint?”

“I wudnae waste ma time. Sure I’ve plenty o’ vidyos.”

“What about the chat rooms?”

“D’ye wantae see the chat rooms?”

“Aye. I wudn’t mine seein’ them.”

So with that Clint started tapping away at the keyboard. He found a chat room and logged on. Within a moment Debby was requesting Clint join her in a private room. He, shocked, hit the back button, logged off, switched off the computer and pulled out the plugs at the socket. “That’s enough o’ that nonsense. D’ja want tay?”


Anonymous said...

THIS REMINDS ME OF WHEN we first moved to Cully. We got a computer and the internet soon after. One of the first times we used it Dad decided to look up studs (as in horse related stud farms). Hee hee. the pics of horses he got were not as expected!

Nelly said...

And you believed his story when you found him viewing gay porn?

Anonymous said...

hmhmmmmmm. maybe this explains a lot!!!!