Monday, February 28, 2005

Digger Dogger

Danny the Wonder Dog

We lost a good pack leader when Danny died last year. Rosie, the fat bitcher, has become the dominant dog, and in my opinion is making a poor fist of it. She and Paddy sneak away at every opportunity and by the cut of them when they return I reckon they go to the digging grounds after rats, rabbits and maybe foxes or badgers. When they are in that digging zone they hear no human call and all a human hears is an excited 'yip, yip' in the far distance.

So what are we to do? We're used to dogs trotting around the yard after us. This is a recent phenomenon - maybe two months or so - and they are so sleekit. One moment they're here the next they're gone and often don't return for 6-8 hours.

We are really worried about them as they could get shot. It's lambing season now and Johnny Farmer doesn't like dogs on his land. The truth is that unless sheep take to living in burrows they'll hold no interest for the digger dogs. Any person steeped in country ways or even with a bit of common sense got any suggestions?


Nelly said...

Paddy returned at around 2am. He had been gone for over 12 hours and we were certain we'd never see him again. Bert said at bedtime "Dogs. They're worse than weans." I had to agree. "At least weans can get themselves a taxi home."

Anonymous said...

This must be such a worry for, I've always just assumed the dogs would be safer with all the more space. SOunds like some tough-love may be in order. When will you be heading up the road - presume they'll maybe chillout a bit there? If only danny was still about, he'd have this sorted.

i'll have a think, good luck


Nelly said...

Tough love might be a tough call. Because Rosie is a Dog's Trust dog we are not actually allowed to tie her. Wouldn't want to anyway.

Anonymous said...

nah tieing them up would be too tough love. a sound telling off when they come back and ignore them for a bit and when they are there give them lots of positive attention, that way they wont want to be out digging fer rats.


Nelly said...

We could always move to a rat-infested house then they could do it all at home.