Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I've Got A Date!

I have mentioned before that Thursday night is Music Night here at Nelly's house. Bert gathers up his crew of musicians and they go deedly-deeing and bluegrassing for hours on end. Then they play darts. Meanwhile I get total control of the TV remote and maybe while away a few minutes on the computer.

But this Thursday is different as I'm going out. I've got a date. I literally picked him up in the village on my way home from work this evening and we've planned a drive (to Randalstown), then we're calling in at Aunt Bella's for a drink. My date will be on the beer and I'll have tea as I'll be driving.

Now those of you who know me as a happily partnered woman might be surprised that I'm going out with another man, an older man, but it should reassure you all to know that Matty approves and Bert has no problem with it.

I'll let you know how it went after the event. After all I might get stood up. But if he doesn't, and if he lets me, I'll post a picture too.


Anonymous said...

Are there no novenas you could be doing instead of gallivanting?


Nelly said...

I'm the reward for the novena he (my date) just finished.