Friday, February 11, 2005

Long Fingers

Did you ever see such long fingers as the ones on yer woman. ET wouldn't have a look in.


Anonymous said...

something i've always noticed on hannah - i think mel tried to give her a wee bit of a complex about them. a nice photo though


Nelly said...

She'd need to be careful picking her nose - she could scoop out part of her frontal lobes.

Anonymous said...

ok, firstly, i was forced to pose like that, held at gun point i was, by a doting mother, secondly, mel and others have succeeded in giving me a complex about my alien fingers and i do need to be careful when picking my nose.


Nelly said...

Honey you look gorgeous like that. And I love your long elegant fingers. Much better that the stubby farmer hands of your contemporaries. They're just jealous. Yours dotingly.