Thursday, February 24, 2005

When Bad Hair Happens To Good People

There was a bit of reminiscing at the Bo reunion last weekend. As is traditional this mostly took the form of stories about my careless style of parenting. I actually asked ZoBo if she remembered any nice stories about me but she said she didn’t – they were all awful. The picture I’ve posted of the littlest Bo was taken about 17 years ago and this is how it happened.

We were at the Wee Manny’s house and some alcoholic drink had been taken. The Wee and Mrs Wee both wore their hair short and cut each other’s. A discussion arose as to which of them was the better stylist. Both agreed that the Wee was the better of the two. At that point I mentioned that little HanBo needed her hair trimmed. Would you let a half-cut man trim/hack your precious child’s hair? I think not.

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