Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Matty Sorts It Out

Matty says she is definitely getting smarter since she started doing Soduku puzzles.

I think this incident proves her point. We were walking through the Castle Centre car park in Antrim today when a woman of grandmotherly age called to us.

“Excuse me! I wonder if you could help me?”
I was a little dismayed as I saw she was struggling with one of these modern baby push chairs and I have no hands for those things a-tall. But not wishing to be surly I went over to help her.

“It’s my grandson’s push chair. It folds up flat but I can’t get it to fold and if I don’t I won’t be able to get it in the car. It’s this lever here - if I pull it can you push it?”
I took her word for it and got ready to push while she pulled. I’m seriously clueless with things like that. Then Matty steps forward.

“You pull that lever there.”
It wasn’t the one the woman was fiddling with. Matty reaches over and pulls the correct lever and the pushchair immediately folds flat. The bloody woman didn’t even say thanks. I think she was flummoxed that a woman of great-grandmotherly age was the one to solve the problem. Matty didn’t even notice her lack of civility. She was far too busy being chuffed with herself.

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