Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fairy Gold

A Cullybackey man calls his accountant.

Hello Margaret, it’s Willy Moser* here. Have ye them returns ready for yer boy in the tax office?

That’s good. Now what about this letter ye sent me? Ye say yer man’s lucken tae see receipts for thon roof tiles I sowl?

Not a tall. Ye know what them boys buyin’ Bangor Blues is like. Ye just phone them up and they come round and buy them aff ye.  

Name? Not a tall. All I know is he was a wee boy about two and a half fut tall wearin’ a wee green suit and smokin’ a clay pipe. He had a long white beard and a wee green hat way a feather in it if that’s any use tae ye.

Cheque? Not a tall. He gi’en me cash. Fairy gold he callt it.

*some names have been changed

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