Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Notice

The Notice
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May 2006!

This major construction work is taking place half a mile from this barrier.

The owners of the Galgorm Manor Hotel do own part of the land that the path is on but they didn't pay for the path nor do they maintain it.

Public money built that path for ordinary people to enjoy and now that pleasure is to be removed from us for at least four months.

It's not on.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are about to start a campaign.


Nelly said...

Yes. I'm wondering whether to go the petition or letter writing route or to simply chain myself to the fence.

Ronni said...

Sometimes, in this kind of situation, people's opinions can make a difference. I think it requires contacting people affected, choosing a spokesperson, and getting to whoever is responsible for having closed the path. That's what we did when we had a school issue that affected a lot of people. The school board just didn't realize that their idea would upset so many.

Nelly said...

Good advice Ronni. For now I am soliciting opinions from fellow walkers and advising them to contact their local councillor, as I have done.