Wednesday, January 18, 2006

George And His Chums: Part Six

My mother always said that you shouldn't mock the afflicted. So I won't. She also said that you should always tell the truth so I will.

George has managed to escape the public vote. He has done this by lying, conniving and back-stabbing. He has also employed a fair amount of cunning political tactics. He is eminently well-qualified for this. In the short-term.

But to get back to my first paragraph. I will not mock Pete Burns for he is afflicted. He is afflicted with selfishness, foul-mouthedness and the dress sense of a half blind and drunken hooker. He is a nasty piece of work. I don't want to see his skinny withered arse hanging out of his hot-pants one more time. I don't want to see him adjusting his ball-bag one more time. I want him gone. Obviously not enough to actually vote him out but enough to hope.

There Matty. I only mocked a little bit and I told the truth.


Anonymous said...

The girls in work totally agree.


Nelly said...

More importantly, do you?

Beowulf said...

Wow. Burns, Galloway and Barrymore, never a more hateful bunch of people have I seen on the telly.

Nelly said...

I see you entered their names in order of hatefulness.

Tonight's show was a horror movie. Thanks to that slimeball George (I absolve Preston, he is a child) three of the nicer people there are up for eviction and he's not and the flabby-arsed Burns is not and the old man who weeps in the shed is not.