Wednesday, January 11, 2006

George And His Chums: Part Three

George's plan to 'get down with the kids' is not working out. They all hate him. His only true chum appears to be the elderly ginger actress. She asked him what Saddam was really like.

All the others either dislike him intensely or find him boring and dull. Even Jodie Marsh said he was a big gype. Or at least that is what she would have said had she hailed from Norn Iron.


ed said...

I like this revelation. When fuckface went into the house I was concerned that a) I'd be forced to watch it and b) that he'd get 'the yoof' on his side. Seems that neither a) nor b) is happeneing. Which is nice.

Instead, everyone seems to be of the opinion that GG is a daft tosspot who should really just fade away into obscurity. Which makes me a happy man (although I'd be happier if he faded away in pieces, but you can't have everything, I suppose).

Nelly said...

When Jodie Marsh can drag her thoughts away from sex she comes out with some rather astute observations. I liked the bit where she said to the others that all the others in the Houses of Whatchamacallit will be laughing at Georgie Boy. No-one is ever going to take him seriously again. Ever.