Friday, January 20, 2006

Ruth Kelly's Hard Week: My Thoughts

I still think that teachers have got more to fear from their pupils than pupils have to fear from their teachers. Are teachers supposed to be saints? Or are they supposed to be teachers?

So how about parents taking a bit of responsibility for their children? Hey! - just for the novelty of the thing. Because if parents don't the government will try to and the results could be nasty. Nastier.


ed said...


Ronni said...

Can you imagine sitting in a class with someone who had abused you? That's a way to teach children that there's no justice or recourse, isn't it?

In this country, we seem to place more value on the rights of the perp than those of the victim.

Nelly said...

God forbid anybody should think that I don’t despise the abuse of children but… I really don’t think that the current climate of witch-hunts and hysteria is of help to anyone. I hate the idea that we must assume that anyone who wants to work with children is automatically suspect until proven otherwise. Maybe it is a very necessary evil that society must take this stance but is it good for children to bring them up in a climate of fear and distrust?

Hageltoast said...

I gotta agree on this one. It's so hard for teachers these days i'm surprised anyone does it.