Sunday, January 29, 2006

Turtle Talk

I saw this in the paper today and thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t you think the sister might have mentioned this to me seeing as she only lives a stone’s throw from Cuas Harbour?’

But no. I have to read about it in the Sunday papers just like any body that doesn’t have kin living underneath Mount Brandon.

As it says in the article Cuas Harbour is where Saint Brendan the Navigator is supposed to have sailed from when he set off on his epic voyage to discover America. And naturally enough the brother-in-law (Scruff’s dad) is called Brendan, it being a favoured name around the Dingle peninsula. As these wee Australian visitors once reported after a visit to the sister’s house, “Dad, Brendan’s really great. They’ve even named a mountain after him!”


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but there are so many exciting events happen down our way I can't keep track.

Nelly said...

No signature but I see from the stats that someone in Thailand has been visiting the site so I assume that's you Trish. Matty was delighted to get the phone call.

All your Northern children are well.