Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Baby Boomer Bun Baker

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So the Rolling Stones have been getting themselves in the news again.

Bliss and his commenters have some interesting views on this. Sum it up in a nutshell - lie down Sir Mick, we're sick of your prancing. Haven't you got enough money by now?

This brings to mind an article I read in the Sunday Times about we baby boomers. Apparently (like Jagger) we're not prepared to grow old gracefully and we still think we're cutting edge young things. We're not allowing the young 'uns to be proper rebels because we're appropriating their culture. And we're out buying the Arctic Monkeys when we should be buying Phil Collins and Daniel O'Donnell and we're still doing drugs!

But not me. I wouldn't know the Arctic Monkeys if they strolled into my kitchen and started stealing my buns. I gave up drugs, oh, ages ago. And I'd rather be at home baking or blogging than going out clubbing or whatever.

I am hosting a mad party on Friday evening though. Pearlie is going to be 80 so I've been baking tonight. Later I will make a nice cup of tea, have a wee listen to Daniel, a read of the Woman's Weekly and then off to bed after first popping my teeth in a Steradent solution.

Nighty night!


ganching said...

Have you already finished The People's Friend?

Nelly said...

Yes. That and Ireland's Own. I'm a fast reader.

Mr Bolan said...

To save you from this Hell, and not for the first time in my life, I have made an older woman a mix tape. On CD. With mp3s. About twelve hours worth of tunes from the past decade or so.

Yours on satdeh!

Nelly said...

Oh thenk you. Will it have Val Doonican? And Max Bygraves?

Bliss said...

Nah, I'd agree with that - I have this secret fear that when (or, more realistically, "if") I have kids, the only way they're going to be able to rebel is dress up in suits, go to church, etc.


Nelly said...

We have a name for that kind of rebellion. It's called "Saffy Syndrome" after the daughter in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.