Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bert & Rosie

Bert & Rosie
Originally uploaded by NellyMoser.
I think this picture demonstrates that Rosie sees herself as the dominant bitch in our house. I must have been out that day.

This picture also shows an incidence of 'extraordinary breastfeeding'. You will note that Bert is 'nursing' Harry de Cat.


CyberScribe said...

"the dominant bitch" wasn't that Miss Whiplash from Ballymoney?

Anonymous said...

the only bitch, surely...? as for the lengths harry-cat will go to for affection in your absence, the picture speaks for itself!

hope your both well, and the other 3
mikey x

Nelly said...

@Miss Whiplash' from Ballymoney? I'm afraid I don't move in those circles Cyberscribe.

Nice to hear from you Mikey. We're all well.

Anonymous said...

That is a picture I took!!


Nelly said...

It's a good one too.