Sunday, February 12, 2006

First Things First

I've been instructed to update pronto by Ganching so here goes. Obviously I cannot get to what she really wants to hear about, the meeting of great minds that took place in Belfast on Saturday afternoon, without first writing about the rather more homespun affair that was Pearlie's 80th birthday party.

First a little background. To meet with the Great Intellects on Saturday I had to rejig my Spide City hours a little. Added to this I had extra shifts to do as Ursa Minor is swanning about Italy with her big blond polisman. As if extra hours weren't enough I had a bit of a tough call in the early hours of Friday with a serious Spide invasion and lost a bit of sleep. These new security cameras are the best laugh for I was able to amuse my colleagues the next day with the CCTV footage of Nelly in full folded-arm targe mode showing the skitters the door. So by the time I got home on Friday evening I was pretty tired. And me with four loaves of sandwiches to make. But never mind. A nice glass of wine soon revives the flagging spirits. The picture above shows the difference a few glasses of wine can make to the presentation of a nice neat sandwich.

Pearlie did wear her Happy 80th Birthday badge and despite the customary grim face in most of the photos she definitely had a fantastic night. It was her first birthday party ever but I think it is going to have to be an annual event now that she's realised what fun parties are. One thing she'd requested as well as useful presents and Bacardi Breezers was live music so we gathered up this seedy looking pair who for one nightonly were called the Happy Birthday Baldy Boys String Band.

She looks bloody scarey with that knife.

Happy Birthday Pearlie Blue!

Thanks to the Banjos for music and cake. Thanks also to Margaret for being a loving and attentive niece and Hannah for cleaning the house and buying Pearlie a much needed new apron. Thanks to John for music and Ploppy Pants, Swisser and Clint. And thanks to me for fairy cakes and sandwiches both sober & drunk.


Ronni said...

I miss my MIL so badly I could cry, just looking at pics of yours. I'm glad she had a nice party, and blessings on you for organizing that for her.

Nelly said...

It was a pleasure for me too but thanks for all your kind thoughts.