Saturday, February 18, 2006

From Snowdrops To Pancakes Via Downhill & Portglenone

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, as I was too busy digging up snowdrops for myself and baking chocolate fairy cakes for Swisser.


The snowdrops are from our old abode where Clint currently squats. Well I say squatting but he has probably bought the kitchen and the utility room by now but not the snowdrop bit of the garden.

God he’s a wrecker. Our wonderful overgrown back lane, which was songbird heaven, is now as wide and trim as a dual carriageway. He has lopped all the hedges and says he will fell the beech trees. He doesn’t like leaves y’see. Says he likes trees in their place but that is not their place. I also got a Stag’s Horn Sumach (rhus typhina) and I’m for having the hellebores, as Clint wouldn’t know a hellebore from a cow clap.


First thing this morning Bert and I had business to do in Articlave. Afterwards we walked the dogs on Downhill beach. There are photos but none of Scruff because he was too busy chasing fulmars to get into photographs.


On the way home we stopped for a fry at the Sizzling Sausage and then Bert slept ‘til Cully. This afternoon Leitrim Sister, Zoë and Dave visited. Dave was in Log Man mode and spent his afternoon learning how to use a chainsaw while Dede, Zoë, Hannah and myself took Rosie, Paddy, Scruff, Macy, Gracie and Millie for a walk in Portglenone Forest.


When we returned I wormed my way into everyone’s affections by making piles of pancakes. And it worked.



Anonymous said...

Glad to see scruff is as happy as a pig in shit, Bert looks quite well too.

Nelly said...

That'll be yourself Trish? Scruff is very happy indeed. He's thinking of converting to Presbyterianism and will be voting DUP in the ext election. At least Big Ian keeps his cellulite under wraps.

ganching said...

Scruff's English actually - High Anglican.

I see you are now a cause celebre on Slugger. They are predicting a book deal. We'll be watching this space.

Nelly said...

Isn't Scruff only English on his father's side? Isn't his mother a Kerry farm-girl?

I'm aware of that carry-on on Slugger and am only concerned that certain of those championing my cause might be employing some sort of skulduggery that will end with my disqualification.

As for the book-deal - there is a certain 70 something machiavellian matriarch who would need to be watching herself. I'm thinking of calling it The Bogwomen.

ed said...

Luckily enough, I don't have the necessary skills to skulduggel the results, so if you get disqualified, it ain't nuffin to do with me. And I can prove it.

Mr Beowulf crusing round with a vanload of toughs to enforce voting may be somewhat frowned upon, though. Depending on how strict the election monitors are.

Nelly said...

You don't have to prove anything to me Ed. I trust you - after all you're an ex-altarboy from Randalstown!

Metal Guru said...

Weren't me either. I have no idea even what a cronjob is. Mr Wulf is a sysadmin type, he would know.

And it is only skulduggery if you get caught. I mean, if people had the means, they would be using a scattering of IPs, multiple emails address and so on.

Not that I understand any of that. Someone once told me this here interweb thing can do anything.

Nelly said...

Oh don't be minding me atall Mr Bolan. Sure I was only overcome with a flare-up of the oul paranoia again. It's a mental condition that runs in the family. I'm feeling much better now.

ed said...

Ah-ha! I knew that the time served on the altar would be good for something. Now I can use it as a cover for my multinational criminal enterprises! Mwhahaha.

And I accuse Mr Bolan there of not being entirely forthcomming about his skills. If he knows not about the internet thingy, how can he explain in detail exactly what he doesn't know? Huh?

See, a criminal mastermind and an investigative genius all in one. Is there no [del]end[/del] beginning to my talents?

Nelly said...

Dem you Ed. You have fecked the double-bluff.

Ahem! Let's start again. Mr Bolan, Mr Beowulf and Mr Ed are all throughly decent chaps ... ex-altar-boys, choir-boys, bishop's molls....

Anonymous said...

3 fantastic photographs-very jealous of your days shenanigans!!

mikey x

Nelly said...

Oh Mikey there was a tragic back story but I left that bit out. :(