Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gloomy Tuesday

Yesterday evening I google-imaged Bernadette Devlin McAliskey to see how she's looking these days. I have to say - not good. Depressing that, as according to Carrie I look like her.

Today was the first of the three consultation meetings that the Novas Group must hold before making us redundant.

After the meeting I took Matty to Ballyronan to visit her sister, who is in the nursing home there, and I couldn't bring myself to go in. I went for a walk instead. I cannot bear hospitals and nursing homes right now.

I'm depressed about yesterday's vote in parliament. Soon they'll be micro-chipping us as we emerge from our mother's wombs. For the good of our health obviously. Except it will be much more likely to be for the good of someone else's financial health.

I had a nasty turn earlier when Interflora delivered Jamie's floral 'token of love' to Hannah. The delivery person looked like a plain clothes cop and, because he barked "Does Hannah Moser live here. I have this for her..?" in such a stern way, I thought he was there to arrest her. Of course I only remembered later that the CID always travel in pairs.

And I've been feeling ever so guilty about calling Ganching 'Elsie' way back then when we were younguns. Did I ever tell youse that she once threw a tin of beans at me? Mind you I probably deserved it. Matty must have thought so too for Ganching didn't get into trouble for smashing the window. I ducked y'see.


Carrie said...

Did you not see the part where I said with lovely curly hair and fashion sense?

Nelly said...

Och I did surely. But I didn't like to dwell on it as it would be far too immodest! ;)