Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Take Bert On A Date

I said to Bert yesterday,

D'ye fancy going to see that Johnny Cash film? It's supposed to be very good. Jonny loved it and Joe liked it that much he went to see it twice.

Alright then.

I'll buy you your tea afterwards. It'll be like me taking you out on a date.

So we went and I even bought him popcorn.

Afterwards I said,

Did you enjoy the film?

Aye I did.

You realise I brought you out to see a romance?

Aye! It was a romance! No shooting, no killing, no ghosts, nothing scarey atall! It was a load of oul keek!

Afterwards we enjoyed a fish supper at the Merchant Fish Bar in Linenhall Street. He was only jesting about not liking the film.

I wish Bert would propose to me on a stage in front of thousands of people and I wish he could lift me off my feet like Joaquin lifted Reese but he'd get a hernia or do his back in if he tried that with me. He could lift me if I was a wee poppet like Reese Witherspoon but I'm not so there you go.


ed said...

You hopeless romantic, you. And corrupting Bert with it too.

Nelly said...

Could have been worse. It could have been Clint taking him to see Brokeback Mountain. Then when he got home he'd say, "Me and Clint, we're getting ourselves some horses and we're taking up riding, we'll be going on camping trips,,,"