Friday, February 24, 2006

Middle-Class? Moi? Mais Oui!

I realised I was middle-class t'other day whilst listening to Radio 4. The subject under discussion was birth trends. According to the commentator the middle classes continue to postpone their sprogging until later in life. Meanwhile chavettes & spidettes are churning them out in their teens and twenties. Therefore I must be middle-class. For I have three fine daughters (ave age 27) and not a grandchild atall. Now were I the typical 50+ from Spide City I'd have at least 8 grandbratlings by now and would likely be expecting my first great-grandsprog.

And if any of my daughters should read this don't be alarmed - I like being middle-class.


Tatiana said...

Hello from another middle-class 50+ mom! Not so many of us in Irish blogging.

Adam said...

Ouais! La bourgeoisie est brillante

20th Century Boy said...

Doesn't the Radio 4 bit give it away? Or the large-house-with-land in the country? Or the asking for which expensive bottle of red is the best? None of that clicked? :)

Nelly said...

Tatiana - the more 50+ bloggers the better!

Adam - Who needs French homework when you could be blogging?

20th Century Metal Guru Boyo - ...and piles of dogs, green wellies, hearty walks, porridge for breakfast, convent education, having Ganching for a sister - I could go on.