Monday, February 27, 2006

Nelly Takes Three Dogs Out For A Nice Walk In The Fields. Then They Run Away.

Paddy: D’ye smell a fox Rose?

Rosie: Deed I do. Shall we feck off scunging Pads? See what we can rustle up?

Scruff: Youse are desprit hoors for the scunging. Nelly’s gonna be feckin’ ragin’ at ye.

Rosie: Ah shut yer Kerry yap. That’s all ye’re good for is suckin’ up tae Nelly and Bert.

Paddy: Aye. Ye think ye’re their brown-eyed boy right enough. But we think you’re not wise. Don’t we Rose?

Rosie: Aye we do. Sure you’re a powerful oul eedjit running round in circles barking at crows. D’ye iver catch one ye eedjit?

Scruff: D’ye ever catch a fox then?

Rosie: I wis that close tae one wunst the hairs of its oul brush wis ticklin’ me nose.

Scruff: Yer hole!

Paddy: Ye’ve no bisness speakin’ tae Rose like that. She’s a good Antrim collie worth a dozen o’ ye, ye Kerry mongrel.

Scruff: Mongrel? Ye’re calling me a mongrel? I’ll have ye know my father was a Crufts champion! He served bitches on rosewood dining tables in Mayfair!

Rosie: Aye! And yer ma was some oul ride from a tinker’s camp in Ballyferriter! That makes you a mongrel.

Scruff: Feck yez both! I’m away back tae Bert’s good stove.

Rosie: Away on then ye big pansy! Mind some bird disnae shite on ye!

And here's one I took earlier. On this occasion they did not run away. Well not far. I could still see them. the distance.


Ronni said...

It must be nice to live in a place where dogs are still allowed to run free. I don't keep dogs, because I lack the patience to raise them right. Someday I may take in older dogs who need homes. But, I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to move further out into the country. This town, which had under 12,000 people when I moved here, is now pushing 90,000. I'm a bit overwhelmed!

Nelly said...

Umm. They're only allowed to run free on your own land and our dogs are not au fait as to where Bertland ends and Johnnyfarmerwithgunland begins. So it is a bit dodgy. But in some public spaces it is permissable.

Ganching said...

These dogs are clearly very badly brought up.

Nelly said...

I agree. Those that reared them should be ashamed of them. But did you notice that at least one of them reads your blog. That can't help.