Thursday, February 23, 2006

Poor Aunt Jeannie

Overheard at the health centre

Your Aunt Jeannie's in the hospital.

Is she? What's wrong with her now?

She hasn't been a bit well. She was in bed for a fortnight.

So it's the laziness bothering her then?

Her Kieran was looking after her. He does his best but he hasn't got a clue. Her Caroline looks in now and again but she's took up with this new boy. I think she stays with him. Anyway Jeannie wasn't getting any better so they got the doctor in.

So what was wrong with her anyway?

Her kidneys. She had dehydration.

Well I suppose she would be dehydrated lying sleeping all day. Not drinking enough.


Ye needn't think I'll be going to visit her. I hate her.

I'm not going either. She'd only put me in bad form.


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Nelly said...

Thank God for the Acronym Dictionary.

Were you? Were you really?

CyberScribe said...

later on in the day, or night, so I'm told :-)