Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Harry De Prince and the Exclamation Marks

How unlike the homelife of our own dear Queen!
And would you look at the cut of that Prince William? Shit-faced is not the word! And to think I once thought he'd make a suitable squire for my lovely Hannah! His mother must be turning in her grave!
And as for that trollop with the shop-bought titties! No better than she ought to be I'm sure! Her parents must be mortified. I know I'd be!!


Sandra said...

And those are really very nasty plastic boobs.
Is that Magda?

Ronni said...

Are we absolutely sure that is a woman?

I've just been to a Drag Queen Ball this weekend, and I've seen dressed-up men who look more feminine than that!

Nelly said...

Well Sandra I thought she looked a bit like Magda's type myself.

Ronni who knows? He did go to public school and would be fearless in such matters. Maybe he was just checking?

Caroline said...


Speaking of ginger... did yours grow? Mine did nothing so I planted another indoors to see if it like that any better but it isn't looking too promising.

Nelly said...

Caroline: Re ginger - nothing doing yet.