Thursday, August 31, 2006

How It Went

I spent £512.11.

By far the largest amount was spent on running the car for I spent £176 on car tax and nearly £75 on petrol. The second largest amount was used to buy groceries. I spent just over £130 on food and detergents.

The initial fees for my course were £99.

I could have saved £30.81 on other items but that would have meant no birthday card for Zoë, no ice cream and coffee for Hannah and myself the night she was really miz and I was trying to cheer her up and no buns for the workmates and no chocolate (only 4 bars this month and I only scoffed 2 of them) and no newspapers.

But this was only what I spent. I’d like to thank Matty for buying the coffees and eats the times we went out, Bert for breakfasts in the Bluebell and the Nobel and also for the wine. Bert also made his usual contributions to the grocery shopping.

The chart does not include my standing orders and direct debits, which pay for things like my contribution to household bills, the Internet and various insurance and pension contributions. So I did spend quite a bit more than £512.

I drastically reduced my expenditure on confectionary and alcohol. I even reduced (a little) my consumption of same. I bought many fewer newspapers and no magazines. I never darkened the door of a charity shop or TK Maxx. It was a bloody bore.

But I could do it all again and now that I’ll be working for something closer to the minimum wage I may have to.


Anonymous said...

crackin' shot nelly, well done indeed! right now my addictions are sweet thai chilli crisps and dairylea dunkers...shameful i know. makes you think we crap we buy

mikey x

Anonymous said...

The charts looks very similiar to what I produce in work on a daily bases.

If only the figures I was reporting where as great as yours.