Sunday, August 27, 2006

Looky Likey

Thanking very much CyberScribe for the link to this Face Recognition fun site.

I was straight in there wth my own picture and found out that I was a dead ringer for this one.

Tung Chee Hwa

Cannot say I was offended for he is a bit of a looker.

Then I thought I'd try Ganching to see if any family likeness came up.

Sylevester Stallone

Can't see the family resemblance myself.

Then I adjusted the thing for gender and came up with these pair - Nelly and Ganching respectively.

Joan Cusack =Nelly looky likey [Love those mad staring eyes. So me]

Sarit Hadad = Ganching looky likey

You can definitely see the family resemblance there can't you?.

So then I moved on to the weans.

Zoe - Fred Durst

Katy - Eliza Dushku

Hannah - Billie Piper

Have to say I was appalled at Zoe's doppelganger. Fred Durst is not any mother's ideal choice 'cepting of course Fred Durst's actual mother. So I submitted another photo of Zobo sans Red Hat and came up with Eliza Dushku. Result!

Incidentally I have never hear't tell of Eliza Dushku but she is gorgeous and there are lots of photos of her on t'internet. So she must be all right.


ganching said...

Uncanny the similarities!

Nelly said...

Yes it is amazing. In other, yet as unpublished, trials a recent photo of Matty turned up Pamela Anderson.

And another picture of the girls had them all down as doppelgangers of Anne Frank.

CyberScribe said...

I also put in a pic of Tony Blair and guess what, he looked a 100% like Tony Blair.

Nelly said...

I tried a picture of a heavily bearded Mel Gibson looking uncannily like Saddam Hussein. But the software was way too smart and identified Mr Gibson pronto.