Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Thinspiration

Mrs Bun the Baker in her Kitchen

Despite all the walking I've been doing I'm still all fat & jolly and to tell you the honest truth there are times I'm not a bit jolly about it at all. Of course I do eat like a savage and all this home baking I'm doing is taking a toll. Incidentally Bert remains his usual skinny self. So snot fair.

That's me up there feigning jollity and rattling the pots & pans to get another big feed of cakes and buns on the go.

I'm delighted to hear that Carisenda has been successful in reducing his BMI. I wonder if that method would work for me? Or should I get one of those scary looking snakes that Nicole Richie has? Poor girl cannot call a slice of pizza her own. No wonder she's so emaciated. I'd know when to stop though. When I got down to a svelte eleven stone I'd get Bert to chop the snake up for firewood or, better still, give it to Dave for whittling with.

Is it just me or are those sunglasses really, really stupid looking?


EveMaryBD said...

No those "sunglasses" look stupid to me but I think they serve a purpose - they magnify the food laid before her so that a corner of a crispbread looks like a whole one.

Sandra said...

You shouldn't wear sunglasses that are bigger than your boobs, I think.
I also think she looks dreadful.

so_alone said...

great candid of miss richie. the sunglasses are heinous, but she is the picture of thinspiration. even her thighs could use some more work though. that's comforting. keep up the walking, it's a great way to slim down. if you don't think it's enough, try adding ankle weights.

Ronni said...

Nelly, you are beautiful! Not everyone in this world is destined to resemble a stick figure. If that were the case, we would have died out generations ago. Most men like a woman they can get a grip on, without being scared of breaking her.

Little miss shiny-britches is not well.

ganching said...

Which one is the snake?

Nelly said...

evemary & sandra - d'ye know if I was wearing sunnies as big as my bosoms they'd be the circumference of bin lids.

ronni - thanks! bless you.

so alone - Thank you for commenting. What can I say? You're always welcome to visit here. Those pictures that are meant to inspire you are not actually that pretty, or worthy of emulating, in my opinion. But you're entitled to your own opinion. Bless you too.

ganching - the snake is the one having the pizza.