Thursday, August 31, 2006

On Retreat

Dear Ed is in Laos for the weekend. Some kind of Buddhist retreat I understand. His good friend Chez has suggested that the IDQCT Fan Club should take over his comments and 'trash' the place. I think that 'trash' in Jersey means 'enhance' or 'respect'. I'll be over there in the morning respecting and enhancing to the best of my ability. Just right now I'm too tired to do it justice.

But while we're on the subject does anyone else think that the aforementioned Chez would make a good President of the Fan Club? It's obvious from his comments on Ed's blog that they go back a long way and that he holds his Edness in the highest esteem.

I wonder where in Laos He has pitched His tent.


Deathknyte said...

If he is from New Jersey, to trash means to destroy or make a mess of.

Oh, and el Capitan apperently needs hits so if you would....

Sandra said...

Excellent explanation. I heartily agree. Chez for President! Sandra for Harem Queen!

Nelly said...

So I raced over to El Capitan (Baboon Pirates in my sidebar) to see what the matter was. You'd like this one Sandra - he'd a picture of a young boy hanging (in a nice way)in a toilet stall. Sounds awful but I know but you'll like it.

He lives in Texas (nearer than Belfast). We could start a fan club.

But first we've got tp trash Ed's comments page.

Chez said...

Hey, I'm up for being President if I get a Harem with Sandra in it!

I do indeed hold Ed in high esteem. Where esteem is defined as "one who has bought me many drinks". And he wasn't even trying to sleep with me!

I think.

ed said...

Nelly: I was a couple of miles outside of Luang prabang, on the Vang Viegn road.

Chez: You're clearly missing the point; Sandra is offering to be Queen of my harem. You just get to do the paperwork.

Sandra: [begin Joey impression] How you doin'? [end Joey impression]

Chez said...

Well, you can't blame a chap for trying.

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