Friday, August 04, 2006


Look at the state of that door! Pencil marks everywhere! Lead pencil too! What sort of a joiner did that? Was he a joiner? People just don't care do they? I'll have to cut right into the wood to get that sanded off. Do you see that? He didn't even get those hinges right first time either. He's left it that rough. I'll bet those doors weren't cheap either. They just don't care nowadays. There's no such thing as proper tradesmen any more.

Oh leave it Olly. We don't care about a few pencil marks. Varnish over them. Gives the door character. Don't fuss yourself.

I like the job to be done right. And what if you have people in and they say, 'Who did your painting?' and you say, 'Olly', I'd hate anyone to think I'd leave something like that.

Don't worry about that Olly. Anyone asks who did the painting for us we say, Olly. What a torment he is. Girn, girn, whinge, whinge. Who did it like that? Who left it like that? That's terrible! We just say to him. Olly we don't care. Just paint it.

Oh well. That's all right then.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Olly, I've painted lots of houses and have cursed every cowboy that came before me.