Monday, September 18, 2006

Applicational Trail

I think one of the reasons I stayed so long in my soon-to-be-previous job is that I hate filling in application forms.

Which is what I've been doing all morning. Yet, on paper and with absolutely no fibbing, I find I'm a helluva dude-ess. Who wouldn't want to employ me?

I go in this afternoon for the first of my three last shifts and the first since The Incident. It will be good to get it over and done with. Tomorrow morning I have an interview and tomorrow evening the course commences.


CyberScribe said...

Hope it all goes well :-)

Nelly said...

The job thing went OK. If I could only clone myself I could get several jobs - at the minimum wage, of course, when you are temping for the government provided services to society.

THe course was cancelled due to strike action. Of course nobody phoned me so I raced over to Antrim with my pens and my block paper for nothing.

CyberScribe said...

Aye, "strike action", for the same wages as teachers and half of them couldn't teach Cullybackey men to drink ;-)