Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bert's Guest Post

In his own words...

My Day

I get up at first light then dash down and check my polytunnels as usual. Do a bit of watering. I breakfast at half eight on ham and eggs over easy. Then I have a cup of coffee and a feg. After brekkie I do all my phoning. Ring up my customers, do PR and a wee bit of bookwork. After that it depends. I might go back to the tunnels, maybe make a few deliveries. Depends on what’s needed to be done that day to keep the whole thing running.

Sometimes I have a business lunch with fellow horticultural tycoons and after lunch I might take in a round or two of golf. Then I go back to work and don’t knock off until dark.

In my free time I like to visit garden centres, attend conferences and go to trade shows.

Many people have suggested, nay begged, that I start my own blog but if I were to start blogging I’d totally lose my mystique. Id no longer be an enigma. And that would be sad.


Sandra said...

Dear Mysterious Bert,
I liked your post a lot; but when you said you get up at first light, I got a pain in my chest.
See the power of the written word!
Non-mysterious Sandra.

Nelly said...

Time: 9:29am

Bert is not available to comment Sandra, as he is still in bed. To be honest I've just got up myself.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola Bert--

I know esactly what youmean. Best thing to do is to adopt a secret identity so that nobody know who you really are, like, say, my friend Joe McManus of the CIA (Is not his real name) or Sensible Sandria (see above).

Nelly said...

1014am Bert is stil in bed. It is raining.

He will get back to you.

Ganching said...

That Bert is a desprit liar.

CyberScribe said...

Bert's Guest Post
In his own words...

My Night

we're all waiting :-)