Sunday, September 24, 2006

So That's That Then

That's my last shift at Tinkerton over and done with.

Just the two incidents to deal with. First a reported 'hate crime' where I managed to persuade the victim that the PSNI might not be able to give him their full attention on account of it being Saturday night. I can just imagine the desk sergeant's response if I asked him to send two officers up pronto because Lily is giving Billy 'dirty looks' and calling him Rentboy. Then there was the theft of a packet of Daz from Gilly's kitchen window. Unfortunately this heinous crime was not caught on camera. The alleged culprits were seen taking the soap powder by Gilly's swain - Our Lad. Gilly suggested that Our Lad might go out and give the wee locals 'a hammering' but I advised her against it on the grounds that if he did so he'd likely be 'lifted' and then, probably, 'burnt out' on account of being 'foreign' i.e. English.

I worked my last two shifts with Ballymena's answer to Vicky Pollard. She never drew breath. Not only would she have talked the legs off a stool, she would also have removed the hind legs off a donkey. But to be fair to the girl she's a lot smarter than Ms Pollard. And she didn't seem to mind that I took notes as she spoke.

Then this morning George (colleague) came in. He had a big bunch of flowers for me. Chocs too and a card. Leaving present from the team. I was chuffed to the nth degree. There are some things I'll miss about Tinkerton after all.


ganching said...

Good luck. Leaving presents are great - like the icing on the cake.

Nelly said...

Yes indeed. I declined a leaving do. It seemed inappropriate somehow. Too much sad stuff going on.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for all that comes next.


Sandra said...

It's amazing that imagining B'mena's answer to Vicky Pollard is making me homesick!

Scooterdeb said...

With all those lovely leaving presents, you should leave more often!