Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vote #3 For Gracie

Digging, originally uploaded by ZMB.

A message from Zoe

Gracie says she would like you to vote for her (if you can) in the September Year of the Dog 2006 competition. She is very excited to have been nominated but realises that her chance of winning is very slim. Though if she did win she would use the opportunity to travel and do good deeds for charity.


Sandra said...

I can't vote - it says it's a private page. Is it just me?


Nelly said...

You can join the Year of the Dog group - then you can vote.

Caroline said...

That's a cute article. Is it part papillion or where did it get the fluffy ears?

Great photo too! Deserves a prize.

Nelly said...

That wee dog's father was sired by a dog belonging to the heir to the throne. And he's got a quare set of ears on him.