Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Peformance Art

How did the teaching practice go?

Teaching practice?

You know - that thing you were doing tonight. Teaching that lot about word processing – that thing you’ve been working at for the last week. Did you make a good job of it? Did it go smoothly? Did you get yourself in a big tizzy?

In a big tizzy? I don’t know where you get the idea that any of that stuff matters one tiny little bit. I wasn’t doing Teaching Practice. I was doing Performance Art if you must know. It’s not about things going smoothly and getting it right or anything like that. It’s Art! And as Art it went very well thanks very much for asking!


hootchinhannah said...

Well done mum glad it went well. How's Holly doing?

Nelly said...

Holly is doing great. She's back to eating normally and fighting with the dogs but she has not yet resumed racing around like a dervish. All being well that'll start again today.

God bless the vet and her syringe of wonder drugs.

Sandra said...

Good news about ze Cat. Glad your Performance went well too.