Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another True Story

It was when the brother lived in London that he knew this guy, in his early thirties, who still lived with his old Mum and Dad who were very good to him.

Yerman was by no means a druggie but he took a liking to smoking cannabis after falling in with some bad company.

Of course his elderly folks being unworldly types would have had no idea that their young fellow would be getting into such devilment so yerman was in a bit of a quandary when he found that the remains of his ten-deal was missing from his bedside table. So he says,

Mother! Have you been cleaning my room again?

Yes son. I've been up cleaning your room. Why? What's up?

Did you throw anything away? Something on my bedside table?

Like what son?

Er. Um. Like a bit of mud?

And his father goes,
Mud! What you mean mud? Have you not been cleaning his room properly Mother?

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