Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bert Cooks Plain Dinners But Pearlie Disnae Like Them

On Tuesday we had mince, onions and carrots for dinner. Pearlie told her niece,
I suppose it was alright. I couldnae eat the oul carrots because my teeth were in the kitchen and I wouldn't ask Bert to bring them into me for he'd only be shouting at me.
He cooked liver for dinner yesterday evening. When he asked Pearlie what she thought of it she said,
I didnae think much o' it.
Tonight it was steak pie and mushy peas. She accepted it with fairly good grace and asked for salt and pepper. He brought her the salt and pepper shakers from the kitchen.
I dinnae like them oul salt and pepper dusters. Bring me them ither salt and pepper dusters from the kitchen...


Sandra said...

There is no pleasing some folk.

Scooterdeb said...

Maybe it's all in the presentation. It it had been, say... 100 degrees in the room, she may have been more inclined to enjoy the food. :)

Nelly said...

The poor woman. Has been. Starved. In every sense of the word.

Latest update. We have decided to fry all her food as this makes it more acceptable to her. Right now she's sitting watching Deal Or No Deal having relished a fried pork chop and egg.