Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How Come?

Our phone line has had a fault on it - so says BT. They also say the engineer will have it fixed by tomorrow. So, how come the phone hasn't worked for two days yet I've still got an internet connection?


grannymar said...

Hush! Thay might come and knock off the Internet.

My phone line went for a few days last year as did a neighbour two doors away.

BT said a Man would be out "a week tomorrow"! "was it the same man who was coming to my neighbour the next day?" I asked.

Mind you we did see a man down a hole in our little estate, before the phone broke, putting in phone lines to 2 new houses built in a back garden.

Nobody came out but we had a call and things worked again.

They had 'split' our lines to provide the new ones!

The didn't split my Bill!

Justin said...

May be some ghost has gone inside your computer n making it work or some miracle has happened. LOL!!

check this out pam and her pooches

Anonymous said...

t'internet and t'phone use the same line but one is a Republican and the other is a Unionist and largely ignore each other and cannot speak to one another or hear one another. One can go away and the other will carry on regardless.

I'm assuming you have DSL here.


Nelly said...

BT broke their promise! Imagine. They asked Bert to stay around all day in case they needed into the house - then they didn't turn up. I'm moulding the voodoo doll with my left hand as I type with my right.

Sandra said...

Wonders of modern technology, that the internet works but the phone doesn't.