Tuesday, January 16, 2007


In Matty's world people do not experience concern or merely worry. No. In Matty's world people are 'demented' or 'demented with worry'. And you'd never be poorly or ill - in order of seriousness you would be,

  • not well
  • not a bit well
  • not one bit well
  • awaitin' on
  • annointed
  • dead
  • buried

For example: Your Uncle Davy is not one bit well. His one's are demented about him.

In her world a person does not disapprove of something. They are 'dead nuts against it'.

Your Vancouver Brother is dead nuts against tablets.

Tablets? What d'ye mean?

He's dead nuts against all the tablets I'm on. He says I've no need of them and that the doctors are all pill-pushers.

His arse! Sure isn't it the tablets that are keeping all youse oul wans living?

I told him that. I told him I needed all my tablets except that wee sleeping tablet. I don't really need it but I like it.

Sure it does you no harm.

Aye! But you'll die when you hear this one. The third day he was here he told me he got a great night's sleep. Says he took one of my sleeping tablets!

And after him giving off too.

Aye. I told him he could have one more of them and then he'd got his gettings!

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