Saturday, January 13, 2007

What's Cookin'?

I'm making Nigerian Groundnut Stew and Interesting Brownies tonight. Please pray for me and my guests.

AND.....a very Happy Berliner Birthday to Ganching!


Mr Bolan said...

I will pray for your guests. What are their names? Are you entertaining Merlot Harlot and Sambuca Daily (that well-known lesbean couple)? Or is tonight the night for Lukwallah Fresian and his son Lukwallahsonone?

I presume, all the same, that it must be Pearlie, as Nigerian Scamstew is hardly plain.

Look at me, connecting many posts in to one.

And happy birthday to the narf lahdahn contingent.

Nelly said...

Mr & Mrs The Wee Manny, Ploppy Pants
and Hannah & Jamie are those who are risking their health & sanity this night.

Cybez said...


Nelly said...

They loved it.

I'll make it again.

Cybez said...

Kewl :-)