Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wot's A Dimella?

Yes. Guilty as charged. I'm watching Celebrity Big Brother or, as Ken Russell would have it, Nonentity Big Brother. And tonight Jackiey was booted off. It was just as well as she was one of the most cringingly awful contestants ever. Having the mother on the show was a good move for Jade as people will have even more sympathy for her now that they see the awful parent she has had to put up with.

And what's with the Y at the end of Jackiey? I totally hate people who spell their names in a stupid way. It would be like Ed calling himself Edd or Marc calling himself Marck. It's just wrong. Sometimes, I'll admit, it's the parent's fault but I'm sure Jackiey's parents didn't put that abomination on her birth certificate.

People let a wise woman advise you. If you must use crappy names keep them for your dogs* or cats or hamsters. Not your precious children.

  • Some Good Names for Boys: Matthew, Marc, Luke, John, Stephen, Alexander, Edward, Manuel, Seamus/James, Robert, Thomas
  • Some Bad Names for Boys: Carisenda, Dylan, Jermajesty, Darren, Kian, Jordan, Spike
  • Some Good Names For Girls: Martha, Mary, Jane, Hannah, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Eleanor
  • Some Bad names For Girls: Chardonnay, Jade, Amber, Ganching, Peaches, Nelliey
I think I've had a rant about this before but it was ages ago and what's the point of a blog if a body can't have a whinge about a pet hate.

*And speaking of pets - perhaps you shouldn't give your dog a crappy name either unless it is a particularly stupid sort of dog like the kind starlets carry around in their handbags.


Anonymous said...

Fook. You had to go and say my name was crappy. Thanks a bunch.
Remember, it's the parents fault !
I don't care much for it either, never have.

I didn't choose it and by the time I turned 18 I couldn't be bothered changing it by deed poll as I thought I would come across like a berk.
I think I shall remain anonymous with this posting as I most definitley do want to be known as the one with the crappy name. Hmmph.

Ronni said...

I never think it's a good thing to name children after alcololic beverages.


Also, I loathe cutesy spellings. Courtenay is a good name; Kortni is not.

I once saw a Renee who spelled it R-U-N-A-Y. Eeww.

In most cases, here, it is actually the parents who do this to their children. Vanessa has a friend who called her son Jorden. Spelled that way because his father thought Jordan was too feminine.

Nelly said...

Hi Anonymous! Are you the one from Westlife?

If it's Darren I was only codding. Honest. Darren is a lovely name.

Anonymous said...

i once saw some mother on trisha who'd named her eldest yvonne, but pronounced it y-vone-ee...


The anonymous that said Fook. said...

Well it's not Jermajesty, Nelly, imagine the torture as a child in this country....
I never did like the name I was given. Dunno why. I don't share a name with Mr Egan either.

Two pints of Murphys gone and I'm rambling, lucky it isn't reaching my fingers.

Nelly said...

Dylan, Jordan, Joshua and Aaron are all lovely names but...nowadays they are spide names. Sorry for being snobby about it.

Spike is a great name for a Jack Russell Terrier. If you are not a Jack and your parents called you Spike then they must have been drug-addled hippies.

You're not really called Carisenda - are you?

man with no name. said...

No, no, not Carisenda....Spike is a good name for a Jack Russell, hints at the biting of the ankles that may occur. Spike would have been a difficult name to live up to. Imagine having to go around acting threatening all the time 'cos you had a "hard" name. Too much like hard work IMHO. Parents say they missed all the drugs in the 60s, I told them it was ok, I made up for them. Ahem. I've just read Freakonomics and there is a good chapter in it about the naming of children. Apparently names in wealthy families gradually gravitate down to those of a more "spide" leaning over a period of time. Still doesn't explain Kylies though. An anachronism caused by popular culture I 'spose.

Nelly said...

Has to be Dylan then - mwnn?

Man with no name said...

Ya got it earlier Nelly. It isnae "Bob".

Anonymous said...

Did you forget that I told you the lovely names given by Chardonnay's mum to her next two little darlings. Charice and Chakira... Chakira certainly dererves to be on your list, as I'm sure does Charice at least by virtue of the horrible Virginia Andrews pattern of starting letters... YUK!
Love from you know who!

Nelly said...

I wouldn't give those names to a dog - not even if they were Toy Poodles!

Is it not time she had her tubes tied?