Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bloggers Do It Better

For reasons I'm not quite ready to go into yet* I've been feeling very down recently. And particularly so today. So it's a big thankyewverymuch to Sandra for making me laugh (out loud) at her hilarious post and to Ed for his breathtakingly cheeky comment on that very same post.

*Ach it's probably just my age. And having no wheels because my car is totally banjaxed.


ed said...

I think you'll find that my cheeks were not the topic of discussion.

And hopefully the cheerfulness returns. Look on the bright side:at least you're not this guy. (As a personal note, I can think of few more deserving of a twatting than the young fella wot got twatted)

EveMaryBD said...

Nelly.........yes Ive detected a somewhat melancholy air about...but you and your blog have helped me when Ive been down down down EveMary [still lurking]

grannymar said...

Nelly we are all allowed a down day or three!

Just pretend you are an adolescent or a student, but then we are all students of life.

Time to worry when you sleep by day, live by night and walk around in this freezing weather half naked!

Sandra said...

I am very sorry that you're feeling glum, but am glad you liked my bum story. I've had the glums myself for a while, and I think that post was the first I've written since I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
And Ed is just fantasising. I know he really wants me to post a photo.

PS: EveMary - we miss you!

Nelly said...

Pleased to report that the melancholy is starting to lift. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, catch yourself on, get a grip....

All your kind words helped - and the imagined images of Sandra's scaly bum (is Sandra really a reptile like in V?) - and obviously some scenes of rugby violence can't do any harm.