Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cheer Up. Why Don't You?

I had a little episode last night when everything just got too much for me. I was making supper at the time. What sparked it off? Well, for a start, Bert brought the wrong sort of cabbage. So it was that I was quietly sobbing into the cottage pie when Swisser, the first of our supper guests, arrived.

Hi everyone! Here I am!


Are you alright?

No. I'm not

What's wrong. Is Bert being horrible to you?

No. He's been very good to me.

Well never mind. Here's a celeriac. That should cheer you up. It's organic.



Anonymous said...

take care nelly

mikey xx

Anne said...

I've been fretting about you being 'down'...and hope things look brighter soon! I've had the odd 'weeps' myself recently but an unexpected visit from the Darling Daughter and The Best Son-in-Law (in my world) last evening went a long way to chase the blues.
Maybe an early Spring will boost us both!
Take care. I love the voice you give to life.

Sandra said...

Aw, Nelly. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so glum. Hope you feel better soon. *Bloghug.*

Nelly said...

Thanks folks!

Hagel said...

we all have wrong cabbage days, but I hope you feel better for it.

ganching said...

That ould curly kale is a right bastard.

Nelly said...

It was the curly stuff I wanted! That hard white cabbage is useless for cooking. I only like it in coleslaws and other salads.