Friday, February 09, 2007

Ed Sell Granny?

  1. A ratty tosser
  2. Changing
  3. Girl ends away
  4. A rabbi sent poo
  5. Yew boozer
  6. Butchered one
  7. Is a dancer
  8. Ye rascals
  9. Go sue ego troll
  10. Naked ax genius
  11. Hot corner genius
  12. Honey van Hall

It's a quiz. Some are easy - some are not.


Anonymous said...

1. Stray Toaster
2. Ganching

Nelly said...

So far so good. But they're the easy ones.

ed said...

5. Zoe Bowyer
7. Carisenda
9. Slugger O'Toole. Clearly the most apt of the anagrams.

Nelly said...

I thought Slugger's was good too.

Mr Bolan said...

I don't mind you calling me easy, it has been said before, but surely not Ms. B?

hootchinhannah said...

No 3 swearing lady and i think i know what no 12 is but i'm ot saying in case im wrong

Nelly said...

Easy indeed? Shall we change it to 'a tarty tosser' then?

ed said...

Are we going to get answers for these, or are you going to let me go slowly mad trying to figure them out.

OK. Slowly madder. If you insist.

ejh said...

I'll confess to being even more confused by these. How do 6, 8 and 11 translate to their answers?

Either my brain isn't working (always a possiblity) or there's something more than simple anagrams at play.

Anonymous said...

Nelly (at work) writes:-trijbi

6,8 & 11 are cryptic. IDQCT doesn't lend itself to anagrams and DE would have been too easy.


That help?